Placenta Essence

BEOTI PLACENTA ESSENCE EXTRAHelps to avoid forming of wrinkles, and renews the damage of cells

Placenta Essence helps to avoid forming of wrinkles, and renews the damage of cells. It and makes your skin soft, smooth and glossy.

Placenta in cosmetics

The features of placenta, which were described even by Hippocrates and Avicena, were known even in ancient times. There are more than one hundred active components in placenta. Its composition is almost the same as a human‘s skin. That is why cosmetics, created on the grounds of active placental components, is considered to be advanced. Using cosmetics with placenta, helps to renew affected skin cells, that is, skin is regenerated. Moreover, skin becomes more solid, softer, smoother, wrinkles disappear. This is really a wonderful mean to make our skin healthier and brighter.

Directions of Use:

Apply small amount of essence over the face and gently massage with fingertips in a circular motion until it is absorbed into the skin. You can apply it on the area around eyes, but be careful not to get the product into your eyes. Then, you can use the masks or any other product of skin care according to your requirements.

Beoti essences can be used with other skin care products. We recommend following combinations of different skin care products :

  • Toner –> Placenta Essence –> Facial Mask –> Lotion;
  • Placenta Essence –> any cream;
  • Ultrasound skin care treatment equipment can be used.

Pure Water, Placenta, Hydrolized Elastin, Hidrolysed Soy Protein


Beoti Essence is packed in a single 30 ml blue plastic bottle with dropper attached to the cap.