What is an essence?

An essence is a concentrate, that contains a large amount of active ingredients and therefore it penetrates skin better and works faster. This is the main difference from normal face cream. Essences can be used to relieve tension and tighten the skin up. One of the main features of essences is that they cannot be used for all skin types and cure “all diseases” at once. Such essences just do not exist.

Essences feature ability to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Because active ingredients are concentrated, an essence will provide more visible results faster than a other skin care product. According to skin care specialists, 1 ml of essence equals to 50-100 ml of cream.

Essences are recommended to be used in combination with creams for all of skin types. Creams are applied over the serum after its complete absorption. Cream will create a protective layer which will guard the essence against evaporation and the skin – against discomfort and dryness. Besides, essence and cream simply reinforce each other’s action. Beoti masks can be used after usage of Beoti essences.

Essences can be used for skins of any age.

what is the difference from serum?

Serums are also concentrates, but they have more than one main ingredients, therefore effect of every ingredient is weaker than in case when essence is used.