Bath Essential Oil

BEOTI Aromatherapy SeriesThe bath essential oil can be used at home and beauty spa as well.
There is no specified temperature for using the bath essential oil. The bath essential oil will be volatile quickly in the high temperature. When the body temperature is in the high temperature in the bath, the bath essential oil can be absorbed and infiltrated quickly by the skin.
It will depend on personal favorite with the smell concentration. If people want to have stronger smell, the bath essential oil can be poured more in the bath. For the normal bathtub, the bath essential oil may be poured about 10ml into the bath.
The bath time will depend on the bath temperature and body tolerance. Everyone can bear the bath temperature and body tolerance that is different, so the bath time is different from person to person
Everyone can use the bath essential oil. However, we suggest the pregnant should consult with her doctor
before using.

Ingredients (INCI): Pure Water, Polysorbate 20, Perfume, Butylene Glycol, Lavender Oil, Methylparaben, Rose oil.

Lavender Oil: With good antibacterial ability, can improve the symptoms of dermatitis and can balance oil secretion, make mood feel relaxed.
Rose Oil: With firm, soothing characteristics help to relieve nervous tension and stress, and also to relieve premenstrual tension allowing the body to relax comfortably.